Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Solaris Express samba vs sharesmb

I've found that Solaris Express CE has been particularly crap at keeping my ZFS bucket shared out via smb. using

zfs set sharesmb=on bucket/Media

worked for a while, but every now and again I wouldn't be able to mount it from any machines on the network, and logging in to the solaris box and doing

sharemgr list

would hang, as would any zfs set things, a reboot would fix that for a while.

So I got sick of that and decided to use SAMBA instead. The tricks with this were to create the config file at


stop the zfs sharing:

zfs set sharesmb=off bucket/Media
svcadm disable smb/server

add a password for the relevant user:

smbpasswd -a strageattractor
blah blah

and finally, start the samba server:

svcadm enable samba

Done, and it's been up like this for months now without trouble!


  1. Hi, is it possible for you to post a guide on how to install samba in solaris 11 express, have been trying but samba keeps going into maintenance mode. its a fresh install